Tomato disease

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Hi everyone, please let me know what's this disease and how to control it?

Posted by: lordss (1 point) lordss
Posted: August 29, 2016


Well that is probably a conjunction of many problems (physiological a pathological), and it would be very difficult to find out which one was first; the dried stem looks like a broken arm or Fusarium (attacks just one side) or late blight. On the top of the plant it is a virus symptom, which? really do not know (CMV). Some other leaves are showing Botrytis symptoms. The fruit shows symptoms of CMV (Aphid transmited virus).

Good luck on your next crop!

Posted by: Ricardo Prieto (2 points) Ricardo Prieto
Posted: September 2, 2016

lordss commented,
Thanks for your answer.
almost 4 years ago.

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