Should I train my pecan young plants?

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Hi there,
Me again with a new question about pecans!
I have two grafted young plants (Kiowa and Cape Fear) of about two years, planted in March.
I read a lot about pecan training and there are two philosophies about pecans training.
The first: to prune it immediately after planting and for the first 5 years.
The second : wait 2-3 years after planting and to allow the root system to develop and then start to prune it.
According to you what's the correct way?
Anyway I posted two pics with hypothetical cutting lines in red: are they ok?
Thank you!

Edit : maybe the Cape Fear does not need any cut but the Kiowa developed a lateral scion as you can see. Maybe should I cut it?

Posted by: Mirko (1 point) Mirko
Posted: November 30, 2016

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