Spots on my broccoli leaf

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I glimpsed one low leaf on the bottom of my broccoli bush that has these spots so I wanted to know what I'm dealing with! It looked like a deficiency or maybe it was swanned with too much water the other night from the heavy rain and storm because it's was lying on the soil!!


Posted by: reem (9 points) reem
Posted: November 18, 2014


This definitely looks like leaf miner damage to me. Leaf miners on brassica crops are usually flies that lay eggs in the leaves. The larvae hatch and eat the tissue in between the upper and lower surfaces of the leaf. If you just see this one leaf, and your plants are relatively large, then you can remove the leaf and your plants will probably be fine. If the plant is still a small seedling, a few more of these on the plant could do a lot of damage. The best control is parasitoid natural enemies, but to keep the adults off the plants, you can also try a floating row cover tightly sealed along the soil surface.

Posted by: Kerry Mauck (58 points) Kerry Mauck
Posted: November 20, 2014

reem commented,
The things Is my plant is large and no other leaf has the same spots
over 5 years ago.

Kerry Mauck commented,
Then the plant should survive. You can remove the one leaf and watch the plant to make sure no other leaves are affected.
over 5 years ago.

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