What's happening to my pecan plant?

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Hi there!
I'm from center Italy and I planted in March, two grafted pecan plants, about 2 years old, a Cape Fear and a Kiowa.
The Cape Fear grew better than Kiowa.
After some days of rain and a fall of temperatures only the Cape Fear showed chlorotic leaves and some of them have these brown scorch.
The Kiowa did not showed these symptoms and has green leaves.
What could it be?
Someone told me it could be iron deficiency but it seems to be strange.
Also bacterial scorch is very similar.
Yellowing leaves could appear with falling temperatures I know.
Anyway the fall season has started and maybe in November the leaves will drop.
So can I do something or is it better to wait the winter season?

Posted by: Mirko (1 point) Mirko
Posted: October 14, 2016

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