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I have a terrace garden in which I am growing F1 tomatoes, beans, lettuce,cabbage and other seasonal vegetables mostly in thermocol cuboid boxes .
I have three plants of Cucumber(SIR CRUNCH) which I have procured from Park Seeds USA , the plants are 30 days old and are at the blooming stage the height of the plant is 3 ft and they are being grown in pots . Last Sunday while watering them I saw the leaves were discolored aka being whitish and the growth of the plant is sustaining probable damage. Please suggest remedial measures and any steps to minimize or any prohibitions to be adhered to.

I am attaching few images for reference. Thanks in advance

Warm Regards.

Anand Kumar Joshi

Posted by: Anand Kumar Joshi (1 point) Anand Kumar Joshi
Posted: August 19, 2014

David Hughes commented,
when you rub your finger over the white area do you get any residue on your fingers?
almost 6 years ago.

Anand Kumar Joshi commented,
Hi David, i donot get get residue while i rub the leaves ,interestingly some tiny white flies are seen
almost 6 years ago.


This to me looks like it could be an infection with a mosaic virus such as Cucumber mosaic virus. Try a google image search of cucumber mosaic and see if your plants match the symptoms.From the pictures you have provided I can see some puckering of the leaves in addition to the mottling which is certainly consistent with cucumber mosaic. Have you seen any aphids on the plants? These insects transmit the virus. In addition to these symptoms, fruits will also have a mosaic pattern on the skin when they develop. Unfortunately at this stage there is not much you can do for the plants if they are infected. Be sure to check under the leaves for signs of aphids and let us know what you find. Good luck

Posted by: Lindsay McMenemy (2 points) Lindsay McMenemy
Posted: August 21, 2014

Anand Kumar Joshi commented,
Hi Lindsay,
I guess the mosaic virus theory is true also I would like to add that in Lucknow, India right now the weather is humid(its monsoons) 32 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius and its on rooftop in full sun , I have not seen any aphids but I did find a caterpillar green in colour and the leaves are being eaten from the edges . The plant is being watered on a daily basis . Its grown in cuboidal thermocole boxes.

Kindly Suggest,
Thanks in Advance .

PS Advice when to water and how much water is advised.



almost 6 years ago.

Lindsay McMenemy commented,
If it is CMV then there is also a possibility that the seed was infected before it was planted but it only takes one aphid to infect the plant with the virus.

Try not to over water the plants. Aim to have them damp but not wet. Let the soil dry on top before watering again . In saying that, with the hot temperatures where you are this is likely going to be everyday anyway but its worth checking that the soil isn't saturated before you do so.

Also, the only potential problem with the thermocole box is drainage. Perhaps pierce some holes in the bottom to allow excess water to run out.

almost 6 years ago.

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