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My Plum & Peach tree are being eaten by Japanese Green Beatles. The leaves are. They both are new and only have been in the ground for approx. a month. Our temperatures for the last week have been over 95 degrees. All the sprays say basically do not use during these temps & on newly transplanted trees. I'm afraid I won't have a leaf left soon and do not want to lose them. My nectarine tree is fine and is growing fruit totally unharmed . I do go out each evening and remove them but the next day they are back having a 5 course meal. What else can I do. I don't want the trees to die before they even have a chance to get started.

Posted by: Bonnilee Jones (1 point) Bonnilee Jones
Posted: June 18, 2015


Out in Missouri our Jap. Beetle season is from early July to mid August. I worked for 2 years as the lead horticulturist at a local nursery and I sprayed regardless of the consequences (Plants with chewed leaves will not sell regardless if the pest is absent). Rarely did I see leaf burn. I recommend getting some Bayer insecticide (check the label if you plan on eating any fruit from these trees) and spray in the early morning while temperatures are cool. The insecticide should stay active within the plant for 30 days so you might need to spray again depending how long your beetle season is.

Posted by: Brandon Davis (3 points) Brandon Davis
Posted: June 18, 2015

Bonnilee Jones commented,
Thank you so very much. I do need to look up how long there season is. This is my first time with fruit trees. I do well with my veggies. Also those are started in smaller pots and then transplanted into larger raised planters and have always used a spray or powder and have only had to do it once thruout till harvest. I will spray and give it a whirl. All I can do is try. I started with only 3 trees so it should not be yo hard to control the little pests. Again thank you.
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