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I've had this plant for 9 months at least. I first noticed leaf tip curling on the plant maybe a few months / a month ago. However that is not my main concern; I'm more worried about the small brown spots that have recently developed within the last 1-2 weeks. They are just small brown spots but they have spread throughout the entire leaf, and there are two more which are nearly completely brown, and the sides are curling. It has spread even to the small newly sprouted leaves and I'm scared the same thing will happen to them.
I water once a week (maybe a bit too much, just checked the soil its fairly damp). I don't give it extra nutrients in particular. The plant has 18 leaves with 15 leaves affected to varying degrees. When I touch the leaves, I don't notice anything on my fingers, and it's alot worse on the bottom than the top. I don't normally spray it -just today.
I really don't want to lose this plant and I don't know what the problem is. Should I repot it?

Posted by: Rahul (1 point) Rahul
Posted: March 25, 2016

David Hughes commented,
I would like to see a photo without the strong light coming through the back of the leaf. Taking an image of the leaf from the top. There is a leaf in the background that looks like it has silver/white areas. Also, rub your finger across the disease areas. Do you see any thing on your finger? Some white material? Also, do you spray water onto the leaf. Finally, how many leaves of the plant are infected and are the leaves on the top more infected than leaves on the bottom?
over 4 years ago.

Ibrahim Abbas Ezzeldin commented,
I think for picture first of the left reflect the damage the use of some pesticides a privet herbisticides and there difference between them and other pictures that appear in which plant pathology spots
over 4 years ago.


I think this is oedema, which is a physiological stress and not an infectious disease like a fungus. I do not think it is an infectious diseases because the plant is indoors and not near other avocado plants that are diseased.

I think it is stress from being in a small pot. If you take it out of the pot you might find it is root bound (the roots are growing to the side). Put it in a large pot.

All plants can be affected by oedema which is caused by overwatering or high humidity. It seems you water too much. When you change the pot make sure you have good drainage. You can put some stones in the bottom of the pot.

Posted by: David Hughes (54 points) David Hughes
Posted: March 25, 2016

from my experience it is a "rust" which is a air born fungus. I had this issue on my fig trees that i had potted.
It could be that the roots stay wet a little too long. have in a well circulated area..get a fan.
Also touching the plant if you touch other leaves it will spread.
you could try doing a milk spray 1 part milk 4 parts water. and saturate the leaves with the spray. Milk is an anti fungal.
i would repot to get rid of any bacteria that may have begun in the soil..rinse all the old soil off the roots as well.
i would use sand and charcoal to break up the soil in your new potting mix.
cut off any of the leaves that are really taken over by the rust.
good luck

Posted by: deactivated (16 points) deactivated
Posted: March 29, 2016

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