Can't grow Mint

Mint    Barbados [ caribbean ]

Just that I cannot get Mint to grow, I am trying to grow in a 6" PVC pipe. the first set I planted I know the soil was suspect so I changed it out, I put coconut fiber & leaves in the bottom then filled with organic compost, potting mix and perlite, the plugs started fine but after a few weeks they dried up and died, I watered every other day and checked the soil it was moist, the location is on the wesyt side of our house under the Patio so we get direct sun from about 3pm to 5.30. I will try and get some pics and send.????

Posted by: Alfred Hunte (1 point) Alfred Hunte
Posted: September 25, 2016

Dr. Ravishankar Narayana commented,
Yes some pictures will be helpful.
almost 4 years ago.


Leaf debris in the soil can stunt growth of any plant. Mint likes 3-6hours of direct sunlight. I would try again in a good commercial potting soil.

Posted by: deactivated (16 points) deactivated
Posted: September 27, 2016

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