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My avocado was bought from a nursery in miami and took the stress of traveling over 3 days ! it survived the stress but then it started developing this black spot in the middle of the stem! its places in full sun outdoor , humidity ranges between 40-60 %, in a hot weather ranges between 85- 100 F . water it well not too soaked and never dried out as i do have a watering system that indicates when the water levels are close to dry! what i did is cut of the black part and took a bit of the green beneath it just incase the spread of disease will be miner, covered the wound of the stem with pruning sealer to reduce infection to the plant! i brought it indoors to allow it to rest from extreme heat stress ... but don't know if i should spray it with antifungal or not !!

thanks guys

Posted by: reem (9 points) reem
Posted: August 6, 2015


This does look like it could be some kind of fungal canker, though I'm not sure what it is specifically. I think you were wise to prune it out, but I wouldn't spray a fungicide without knowing exactly what you are dealing with. If you do prune it any further, make sure you sterilize your pruning shears between cuts by soaking in rubbing alcohol. Was it just the one spot so far? If you still have the section with the spot, can you peel back the park a bit and compare it to healthy areas?

Posted by: Gregory James Reynolds (3 points) Gregory James Reynolds
Posted: August 7, 2015

reem commented,
Hey Greg!

Thanks for the help, unfortunately i already burned it out to get rid of it completely. it was only that part and i sealed the wound. thought maybe just a diluted Baking soda in water shall do and not harm ...
what do you think


about 5 years ago.

Gregory James Reynolds commented,
I don't think the baking soda would really do anything in this case. I'd wait and see if any more lesions develop. You might consider contacting the nursery if you have continuing issues. Good luck!
almost 5 years ago.

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