Pumpkin: Problem from possible stings or rot?

Pumpkin    Wellington, South Africa

I have cut these two young pumpkin off this morning when I noticed the "bad" spots. Any idea what this is caused by and what it is called. I tried googling, but could not find any images that look like this. The pumpkin plants are very healthy and there is no sign of any bugs in the bed. The two pumpkin are also from Test Bed 1. Just a note - these plants were not planted here but there have been some pumpkin seeds from kitchen cuttings that was used as compost in the bed. The rot in the younger pumpkin 2 has already fully penetrated the No-dig, layered bed. I have just made a further cut when I noticed something inside the outer lesion on pumpkin 2. The images aren't that good as I had to use a magnifying glass to get a good look at the worm. I also made a further cut into the squashy part of the rotten area and noticed these tiny tiny black insects inside - photo not good as they are very small.

Posted by: Chris (2 points) Chris
Posted: December 23, 2016

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