My cucumber plant (& birdhouse gourd), are losing leaves from the bottom up- bottom of gourd stems chewed

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Help! My cucumber plant is losing leaves from the bottom up, now there seems to be a 'bare' patch. (see pics). Also, my birdhouse gourd, which is planted in the same raised bed as the cuke, appears to have been chewed near the bottom of the plant & all of the flower stems, from the bottom up for about 10 inches up the stem, die-off with the bud turning brown/dying. Any info. or remedies would be VERY appreciated!
P.S. ~ I also took some pics of some cuke leaves & of some flower stems from the birdhouse gourd. I'll send them in a little bit as well. ( I know it is not an edible plant, but I thought it might help out!

Posted by: lisa (1 point) lisa
Posted: June 13, 2017

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