Flea Beetles

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What can I do about flea beetles attacking the leaves of recently planted starts?

Posted by: Sherry (1 point) Sherry
Posted: June 14, 2017

Matt commented,
Flea beetles are more of a problem in the spring/early summer when plants are small and before it gets too hot and dry. There are some insecticides available, both conventional and organic. I have varying success with diatomaceous earth; it doesn't completely get rid of the beetles but it does slow them down, and it's less harmful to many pollinators (with little to no impact on most animals, including humans). Since flea beetles are mainly a problem early in the season, plants that don't take too much damage will grow out of it around the middle or end of June, depending on your location. Starting with larger and healthier plants and delaying transplant can be very effective for minimizing flea beetle damage because the plants are able to take a greater hit and it delays/avoids exposure to the beetles as long as possible.
about 3 years ago.


these guys are a real pest due to thier tiny size and ablity to jump. might try sticky traps. also, floating crop covers can give your plants protection. if the infestation is too bad, try an organic insecticide with Bifenthrin or Pyrethrum. test on a leave to make sure there is no toxic reaction.

Posted by: Robert Poole (1 point) Robert Poole
Posted: June 20, 2017

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