What's killing my plants?

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Whatever it is, it's primarily targeting my squash and cucumber plants.

Posted by: Allison (1 point) Allison
Posted: July 10, 2017

Kelsee Baranowski commented,
Allison, how much sun does the plant get? The white bleached part of the cucumber looks similar to sunscald. https://extension.umd.edu/growit/suns...

However the other images of the leaves look more like a chemical burn, did you apply any fertilizer?

about 3 years ago.


Hello! As stated by Kelsee above I would agree the browned part of the cucumber looks like sunscald.
The other photo of the stem definitely looks like squash bug larvae has attacked your plant's stem. They lay their eggs which are copper/red colored on the stem and once hatched they burrow into the stem and eat it from the inside out.

Check out:
https://plantvillage.org/topics/canta... And look in the 'Squash Bug' section farther down.
Or this is one of the many YouTube videos out there related to this issue:

I have treated the bugs and their eggs on plant with a 8-insect pesticide (mainly on stem) and the eggs have died off without infecting the stem.

Otherwise some of the leaves you have shown look like mineral deficiency (or overuse as suggested above). Those vids also include tips on proper fertilization of these plants as well. I have tried that and have stopped the squash borer and the leaves are looking heathy so far too.

Hope this helps!


Posted by: Chris Mannel (1 point) Chris Mannel
Posted: July 18, 2017

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