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sir, i am a MS Research Scholar and my final thesis is on POTATO Plant Diseases. i need to know how many and which type of potato plant diseases are available that are detect able from leaves. more over any one please send me data set of diseased leaves of potato so i could continue my research . thanks
My Mail is ( waqar.ismail001@gmail.com )

Posted by: waqar001 (1 point) waqar001
Posted: August 3, 2017


We have gathered extensive information on potato diseases here https://plantvillage.org/topics/potat...

There are lots of resources available to you via google

We will post the disease images soon when we set up a site for them


Posted by: David Hughes (54 points) David Hughes
Posted: August 3, 2017

waqar001 commented,
david sir, do some thing for potato data set I need it immediately
almost 3 years ago.

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