Mint nutrient deficiency in aquaponics system

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I have a number of plants: Mint, Basil and Lettuce growing in an aquaponics setup, where the bottom of the roots have access to water from a fish tank.

They definitely look like they are suffering some deficiency but I'm not sure what.
The closest I have found is maybe potassium deficiency?

Posted by: Best (1 point) Best
Posted: September 18, 2017


It is undoubtedly a physiological stress but the challenging issue with aquaponics is that is lacks any nutrients besides what is inputted (compared to soil). So, you need to determine what is in the water. The field of aquaponics is much newer so it is harder to draw from the published literature to see the problem. I would recommend contacting aquaponic companies about this.

Posted by: David Hughes (54 points) David Hughes
Posted: September 19, 2017

wanda commented,
my mint plant is not aquaponic , but however i have it in dirt and mine is doing the same thing it was healthy and beautiful growing great then started looking like this, i have used miracle grow sticks i put 2 in the pot . on on one side and the other on the opposite side. what am i doing wrong? i see 2 new plants coming up but it is a matter of time it will look like the others and die off :-( this is the second time this has happened to me . any suggestions?
almost 3 years ago.

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