Mandarin Orange Leaf Tips Browning and Falling Off

Mandarin oranges    Canada

Recently my plant has started to drop leaves more frequently all with browning tips. Any suggestions on why this may be happening?

Posted by: Sara (1 point) Sara
Posted: October 8, 2017


Hi Sara
Since it is October in Canada I assume this is an indoor plant. It looks like a physiological stress which is often diagnosed by color changes from the periphery and leaf drop.
Leaf drop in citrus is often related to weather, either too cold or prolonged heat and dry soil.

What conditions is this being kept under? Are you watering a lot?

This doesn’t seem to be an infection and with best practices (stable temperatures, regular watering) new leaves should appear and remain healthy

Posted by: Kelsee Baranowski (3 points) Kelsee Baranowski
Posted: October 9, 2017

Sara commented,
Thanks for your reply! I had my tree out this summer, but brought it inside a month ago as the night temperatures were getting a bit too cold. I'm watering it whenever the soil gets dry and our house is at a steady 21c.
almost 3 years ago.

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