Holes and Yellow Marks on Tomato Leaves

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Hi! I'm a very new gardener, so anything that's out of the ordinary will definitely worry me. I've noticed that some leaves have yellow marks, and some of those also have small holes in it. Please tell me if it's anything serious, and what I can do about this. Thank you all!

Posted by: Naomi (1 point) Naomi
Posted: November 5, 2017


Kia ora Naomi
We cannot tell what caused the damage,
Do you have any damage on other leaves?
The plant can cope with such damage but you want to make sure that if insects are the culprit you need to control them
Check for insects. Also, check for slugs in the evening


Posted by: David Hughes (52 points) David Hughes
Posted: November 5, 2017

Naomi commented,
Hi David
There are only a few leaves with similar yellow marks, and out of those, maybe only 1/3 of them have holes. A couple of lower hanging leaves have browned edges, but otherwise still as green as the other leaves.
I'll do a good check for insects. There are ants nearby on the ground, but haven't crawled up into the tomato pot at all.
Otherwise, thank you for a quick reply! I'll be sure to keep an eye on them.

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