Papaya (pawpaw)    Somalia

Hello I am a farmer in Somalia, I am having some issues on these papaya fruits, white spots appear on the fruits also there is some sticky substance between the two fruits so that I'm not sure how serious it is. Please what is the cause and measures to take?
thank you very much Indeed.

Posted by: Aidarus (1 point) Aidarus
Posted: November 12, 2017


A few possibilities

1) It is caused by a fungal disease. The pattern of growth would suggest this

2) Insect damage. But I do not see small white insects (scales) although you do say there is a sticky substance.

3) Scaring due to cold

Have you had unusually cold weather or heavy rains

Do you see any insects (also check at night)

Are you anywhere near a center that has a microscope to test for fungal damage?

Posted by: David Hughes (54 points) David Hughes
Posted: November 12, 2017

Aidarus commented,
Thank you very much David Hughes, yes we had actually heavy rains and too cold weather in the region.
I haven't seen any insects around the papaya trees possible they may exist at night.
there is no agricultural research center with plant pathology lab, but we shall do our best to test for fungal damage by using the normal microscope.

almost 3 years ago.

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