How to train/prune my Asian pears?

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Hi from Italy!
I have a question about asian pear training/pruning.
I have 3 plants planted this spring and I have to prune them next winter.
I found that Asian pears are usually trained as vase shape.
I read that I have to cut all the branches lower than 50 - 60cm (20-24 inches) and select 4-8 strong branches.
I did not understand where to cut the leader.
Anyway I have 4 questions one for each plant.

1- I have a plant that had strange stains, I thought they were cankers so I cut the stained parts.
During the growing season three branches developed in the lower part.
Now I think I will cut the upper part (the damaged and maybe ill) and the two smaller branches, what do you think about it?

2- A plant developed a lot and doubled their dimensions.
Now it is about 10 ft tall, how have I to cut the tip?

3- Another one did not developed a lot and, according to what I read, it developed a fruit-bearing bud at the top.
How have I to cut it?

4- There is a old European pear, it has not being pruned.
How have I to prune it?

Thank you very much!

Posted by: Mirko (1 point) Mirko
Posted: November 14, 2017


Hi Mirko, agree usually Asian pears are trained as vase shape, but can also train in a three- or four-limb open-center or quad form system (image 1).

1. Since the plant is very young, it is better to keep the main stem for few season ( see image 2).

2. Image 3 shows you how to prune the pear tree for the first three years in the central leader method.

3. "On young trees, a good portion of the fruit is borne at or near the tips of 1-year-old shoots. As the tree matures, most of the fruit is produced on the scaffold branches. These spurs have a productive life of about 10 years. Pruning should be done to remove about 10 percent of these terminal spurs every year." (image 4)

4. Certainly it needs pruning. Please remove broken, injured or diseased branches which provides proper air circulation and reduces foliar diseases (image 5, 6, 7).

Posted by: Dr. Ravishankar Narayana (11 points) Dr. Ravishankar Narayana
Posted: November 14, 2017

Mirko commented,
Thank you!
About the first plant, I told to cut the "leader trunk" because it is probably ill.
Anyway the plant developed new branches under this part.
So I think that it's a good thing to cut it and make one of these new branches the "new leader".

over 2 years ago.

Dr. Ravishankar Narayana commented,
I think it is possible, but as the plant grows, it won't be a straight tree.
over 2 years ago.

Mirko commented,
I will train it. The main trunk is damaged and did not developed at the top.
over 2 years ago.

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