What bug is this in Broad Bean?

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I am distraught to see these small black bugs infesting my precious plants. What are these? Are these bugs specific to this plant? Do they have any natural predator/repellent? How do I get rid of them? I don't want to use anything that may pollute my plant or soil (example pesticides, and insecticides). Please help.

P.S. Squishing the bug produces a red blood-like fluid.

Posted by: Parikshit (1 point) Parikshit
Posted: January 27, 2018

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It is hard to see on this image but it looks like these are aphids. These are insects that suck the fluid out of your plant and often inject virus into the plants.

Natural enemies are ladybug larvae.

You can also remove most of them with high powered water spray. See details in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y6EId...

Good luck

Posted by: David Hughes (54 points) David Hughes
Posted: January 28, 2018

Yes they are aphids but this plant is secondary host as these types of aphids are migratory in nature.

Posted by: waseem shafi (7 points) waseem shafi
Posted: January 30, 2018

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