Unknown disease, please help ID

Tomato    Syracuse,United States

I have tomatoes growing under fluorescent lights indoors, and a month ago a few of them began showing symptoms of necrotic looking spots on leaves followed by bleaching. It has now spread to about 1/4 of the population, with infected plants grouped together. It's an F3 population (approx 200) of Micro Tom x Black Cherry. I'm growing a Micro Tom next to them that is also severely infected. I have been growing plants, including tomatoes (and the entire F2 generation to maturity) under the same conditions for several years with no problems, and the current symptoms are not uniform across the population, so I'm fairly certain it's not physiological.

Posted by: Matt (9 points) Matt
Posted: August 2, 2018

Matt commented,

We were out of town for five days with the air conditioner turned off. Could this be the result of heat stress?

over 1 year ago.

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