Unidentified plant disease affecting blackberry tree in Tanzania

Blackberry    Tanzania

The blackberry trees have started sagging to the ground, excessively bending the trunk and tree. There appears to be an aggressive vine/species (non-blackberry tree) growing off of blackberry tree branches that is causing this problem (see attached photos). Any information on what this problem is, and/or how to best address it to help save the tree (e.g. trimming) would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by: Jason Bacha (1 point) Jason Bacha
Posted: November 10, 2018


Hi Jason
This is a parasitic plant called Phragmanthera cornetii . which is native to Tanzania and East Africa http://powo.science.kew.org/taxon/urn...

They do of course take nutrietnst

I found this is a PhD thesis
" Many of these parasitic plants cause the death of twigs and branches, but left without any counter measure the entire tree can also be killed in a few years. The effect of these parasites on the fruit load of miombo trees is still not quantified."

I did not find any way to control it.

I would suggest cutting off and burning heavily infected twigs. And removing and burning any red tissue of the parasite.

The burning is to ensure any seeds die

Good luck


Posted by: David Hughes (54 points) David Hughes
Posted: November 10, 2018

Jason Bacha commented,
Thanks for the great info and advice, David! We will try that, and let you know if any challenges or further problems!
over 1 year ago.

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