Plants gradually dying after transplanting

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I brought several plants including guava, mango and removed them from their original containers transplanting them to the ground in my yard. However, the trees have for the past 1 month been getting dry and brownish on the edges of the leaves. New leaves are trying to form but also turn dry and brown along the edges. For the guava; the leaves fall off after some time.
As of the environment; it is hot (with temperatures reaching 35 °C of dry heat). My yard is generally a region infested by termites and ants. I do water the plants every evening. I have included images of the affected plants.

Posted by: L Nkgare (2 points) L Nkgare
Posted: December 5, 2018


termites and and ants are not the problem. Termites eat old wood and ants eat sugar and insects. they are usually good sounds to me like your soil is poor quality or it is too hot. can you add manure or other material to build up the carbon in the soil. you said it was the yard. what was in the yard brdore. soil can be polluted.

Posted by: David Hughes (32 points) David Hughes
Posted: December 7, 2018

for Botswana, mulching is absolutely vital! Find dead plant material and old grass etc. and create a blanket of this on the ground around the base of the plants. The termites will eat this old material and cause the soil structure to improve while the water will remain in soil for longer, making sure to penetrate all the way to the roots.

Posted by: deactivated (1 point) deactivated
Posted: December 10, 2018

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