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Greetings. I am building a startup in Zimbabwe that will use Ai and ML to improve smallholder farmers. I am looking for support or guidance on how my startup can leverage Ai and ML to help farmers be more productive, and earn more.

Posted by: Tafara Makaza (1 point) Tafara Makaza
Posted: December 18, 2018


To be a company you need paying customers. Do you have them? What would you sell? We are very interested in helping African entrepreneurs. We are a non-profit but we recognise the market is important. There are things we could do (share the API etc, app etc). But the fundamental question is if you have customers. Currently, with the app you have have diagnosis and share images to the cloud. If you provide a service that farmers want and you can charge them then you can use PlantVillage. Our backend is very detailed. You could have a portal where you can see when your farmers respond and send them specific information.

But, the first thing is will farmers pay for knowledge. Go speak with them and find that out


Posted by: David Hughes (34 points) David Hughes
Posted: December 20, 2018

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