Newly planted Mango tree has ants and some leaves look burnt. NEW Planter I Know nothing.

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I planted a mango tree that is about 3 feet tall maybe 3 weeks ago. The tree came from the nursery with ants and some burnt looking leaves. Today it still looks the same maybe better than it did when I got it, however the tree still has the some burnt leaves and 2 different types of ants on it. I am in Mexico and planted this tree about 2 blocks away from the beach I have been watering her every other day. It is planted in a sandy environment.

Posted by: Jesse Halley (1 point) Jesse Halley
Posted: May 10, 2019


The browning of the leaves is stress, not disease. Try do a soil test. But I assume so close to the sea means salt stress

Check to see if the ants are going to insects on the underside of the leaves. If so, spray them off with soapy water (it kills the waxy insects)


Posted by: David Hughes (52 points) David Hughes
Posted: May 14, 2019

Jesse Halley commented,
Hi dave,
Thanks for the response. It came from the nursery this way. Maybe they stressed it at the nursery. So the brown is from the plant being stressed. Hopefully I can un-stress the poor girl. Thanks for the help.

11 months ago.

The symptom shows more a shock to extreme sunlight if it was brought out from the nursery and planted out, than disease. The symptom doesn't look severe and I suggest you let your mango grow and observe if the symptom spreads through the entire leaf or appears on other younger leaves. If it does, then it could mean a disease is present. Otherwise, it should recover from the shock/stress.

For the ants visiting, aphids could be present. Treat as suggested above.


Posted by: Gure Tumae (1 point) Gure Tumae
Posted: May 20, 2019

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