Some coconut plants dieing

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Some of my coconut plants dieing as in the attached photos. Is this something that should alarm me?

Posted by: Curtis-Shyne (1 point) Curtis-Shyne
Posted: May 30, 2019


Yes. The leaf should be green and it is not. We cannot say why it is not green. But the plant is stressed. It likely is because it does not have enough nutrients. You need to keep a close eye and see how common it is. How many plants are like this and if they are in one area of the farm.

It is likely that your soil is too poor for these crops.

What have you done so far
1) Is there enough water
2) Did you fertilise?
3) Have you grown coconut here before?

Posted by: David Hughes (54 points) David Hughes
Posted: May 31, 2019

Curtis-Shyne commented,
It's the first time am growing coconut in this area.
There about 15 coconut plants like this in a population of 2000+.
This signs are scattered around the farm.
We have applied cow manure to all plants.

We rely on rain fed.

about 1 year ago.

David Hughes commented,
mark the trees and come back to them each week to see if it changes. Also note if healthy trees seem bad. You can take images of each tree and check also
about 1 year ago.

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