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Hello, we are a Digital Transformation startup, headquartered in India but with a global mission. With strong focus around the digital offerings like AI, Blockchain, Data and Analytics, we are building a strong engagement model to provide and support technologies aimed at helping the huge agriculture community in India.

We are keen to partner with PlantVillage at assisting small and big farmers derive more benefits from their existing base.

Kindly share on the possibilities at representing your solutions in this market.

Posted by: Sanjeev Janjire (1 point) Sanjeev Janjire
Posted: July 1, 2019


Hi Sanjeev
Thanks for your interest. PlantVillage is not "in the market". We are a global public good that provides its services for free. We have been approached multiple times by VC operations but we struggle to see how a partnership with a VC outfit can be of benefit to the resource-poor smallholder farmers we serve. It is our understanding that the current global VC market is dominated by a mindset that wants two things
1) Very high ROI (10-20%) on investment
2) An exit plan

Since the people, we seek to engage are very poor they cannot afford to pay for services. Perhaps in time, but for now they cannot. We believe in giving free stuff (subsidies) to farmers as that is the predominant model in the EU and USA (and other places).

Since the farmers cannot pay, then the only logical model is turning the farmer into the product to be sold (the Surveillance Capitalism model). This is not something we think is good.

We do think private enterprise is very important. We just also believe that diagnostic services like ours should be free, transparent and unbiased. Sort off like a hospital. When a hospital is private and receives money for promoting one type of treatment over another then it fails to serve the patient.

One private enterprise solution we do think would work is that young entrepreneurs use the power of PlantVillage (diagnostics/community/satellite) to advise farmers on what to do for a small fee. That I think would work and could be explored. But we would still be free and have no part in the money exchange between farmer and entrepreneur.



Posted by: David Hughes (54 points) David Hughes
Posted: July 2, 2019

Sanjeev Janjire commented,
Thanks David and highly appreciate and respect your approach. India is agriculture based economy with farming still based on traditional methods brought down from generations. The land parcels are very small and hence farming is not very profitable here. However, the govt. is planning some big measures to change the picture in the next few years and I was more interested at making your platform visible to govt agencies, as the same could be made available free of cost to farmers, while govt continue to pay you a fee/ donation for your work and support. Let me know if this would work. Thanks, Sanjeev
about 1 year ago.

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