I have ornamental sweet potato vines in a urn style tall pot , something's eating not only sm holes & large in leaves &

Sweet potato    California

I have ornamental sweet potato vines in a tall urn style pot . Were growing beautifully until a little over a week ago . Now something has been not only eating holes in leaves , but also stems ! They don't eat vines hanging over edge of pot or NEW GROWTH or leaves . I've tried bug sprays , nothing seems to work . We have ALOT of squirrels , but I would think they would eat what's hanging over the edge of pot , only maybe
14 - 16 " off the ground , standing on their hind legs , squirrels & rabbits could reach . Need help BEFORE my plants are gone !!
Thank you, Norett Allen
Chowchilla, Ca (central ca.)

Posted by: Norett Allen (1 point) Norett Allen
Posted: September 23, 2019

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