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how do I control maize streak virus?

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Posted: October 31, 2019


Maize Lethal necrosis cannot be controlled once it is inside the plant. It is a virus and the plant cannot be cured.

This is from Cabi


The best approach for the management of MLND is to employ integrated pest management practices encompassing cultural control such as closed season, crop rotation and crop diversification, vector control using seed treatment followed by foliar sprays, and host-plant resistance.
Cultural Control and Sanitary Measures

Crop rotation can effectively control MCMV (Uyemoto, 1983). Producers are advised to practice crop rotation for at least two seasons with alternative non-cereal crops such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava, beans, bulb onions, spring onions, vegetables and garlic. Planting different crops each season will diversify farm enterprises. Manure and basal/top dressing fertilizers can be applied to boost plant vigour.

It is necessary to use good field sanitation methods, including weed control measures to eliminate alternate hosts for potential vectors (Wangai et al., 2012b). Infected foliar material should be removed from the field to reduce pathogen and vector populations. This material can be fed to livestock, but grain and cobs that are rotten should not be fed to humans or animals. These should be destroyed by burning.

Seed should not be recycled; farmers should plant certified seed only.

To create a break in maize planting seasons, plant maize on the onset of the main rainy season and not during the short rain season. This will reduce the population of vectors."


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Posted: November 6, 2019

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