cassava ugali

Cassava (manioc)    Busia,Kenya

why ugali from some improved variety cassava tent to be watery after preparing as compeared to local variety?

Posted by: Simon Odunga (1 point) Simon Odunga
Posted: March 17, 2020


Mr Odunga you can tell us the variety that had the problem.

Posted by: Lawrence Ombwayo (1 point) Lawrence Ombwayo
Posted: April 24, 2020

I think you planted the right variety of improved cassava but for the wrong purpose, meaning the variety you planted was not meant for production of cassava flour rather other purposes like value addition products. When dealing with improved varieties of cassava, the farmer should identify the specific purpose of the variety before planting. There are multipurpose variety and other varieties meant for specific purposes.

Posted by: Winnie atieno onyango (1 point) Winnie atieno onyango
Posted: April 20, 2020

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