Edges on my parsley leaves reddish yellow

Parsley    Minnesota

I'm not sure what's going on here. The edges of my parsley leaves are turning yellow and also rediish. One sprig can have leaves with both colors. I don't know if it's a disease or a nutrient deficiency. I'm using organic Vermont reclammation soil. I hope you can help! I'm growing it in pots on my balcony.

Posted by: Pat (1 point) Pat
Posted: July 19, 2020


Please can you address questions to https://ask.extension.org/ask
We have limited capacity here and focus our efforts on Africa and other low-income farming settings.
Thank you

Posted by: Rimnoma Serge Ouedraogo (14 points) Rimnoma Serge Ouedraogo
Posted: July 20, 2020

Pat commented,
Thank you.
6 months ago.

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