Why does the base / stem of my aloe plants want to fall to the side and curl around

Aloe vera    South Carolina

No matter how often I repot my aloe plants I find myself having to prop them up or the fall off to the side of the pot - or when in a large pot the fall on their side - and then they begin to curl.

The aloe in the photos was repotted about 18 - 24 months ago. I rotate the pot so it gets regular exposure to the sun from all sides. I had to brace them with the little trellis you see in the pictures. If I don’t continuously repot them further down in the soil they will fall over and grow in spirals along the side of my pot. When this happens the larger leaves at the bottom die off and I’m left with a beige- white curl with smaller leaves at the top. Thanks for any insights. -Melanie

Posted by: Melanie Davis (1 point) Melanie Davis
Posted: November 22, 2020

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