what are these brown spots and yellowing?

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Does anyone know what The small round brown spots are from on my plant? Just over a month ago the edges of the leaves started turning yellow then brown.. so I thought I was overwatering and lessened the cycle of watering, but now these brown spots are appearing everywhere..?

Posted by: trena (1 point) trena
Posted: July 6, 2022


This type of brown spots, yellowing, and drying of leaves might be due to the deficiency in plants and crops. To fix this deficiency, you can choose the best supoorting nutrient and other fertilizer products to add strength to the plants. For any information, you can also view this website: https://ariesagro.com/

Posted by: Aries Agro (26 points) Aries Agro
Posted: August 14, 2023

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