yellow spots on lemon leaves

Lemon    Nepal,Nepal

its been three year that i have grown this plant and it seems to have yellow spots in its leaf so what would be the cause of it .

Posted by: shailendra paudel (3 points) shailendra paudel
Posted: July 9, 2022


Citrus Canker. Citrus canker symptoms include brown spots on leaves, often with an oily or water-soaked appearance. The spots (technically called lesions) are usually surrounded by a yellow halo, and they can be seen on both the upper and lower sides of the leaf. Similar symptoms can appear on fruit and stems. 

Posted by: Edwin Cheserem (1 point) Edwin Cheserem
Posted: July 11, 2022

shailendra paudel commented,
तल्लाे तहका पातहरूमा धेरै छन, कहि कहिका टुप्पा सुक्न थाल्का छन ,
23 days ago.

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