Is the pest Cigarette Beetle (Lasioderma serricorne) a major concern for Cocoa plants in Nigeria?

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Hello, an article I read from the "Bulletin of Entomological Research" from 1957, volume 48, issue 1, titled "A Laboratory Study of the Cigarette Beetle, Lasioderma serricorne (F.) (Col., Anobiidae) with a critical Review of the Literature on its Biology"
Wrote that: "Lasioderma serricorne (F.) has become the chief pest of stored cacao in Nigeria"

Since your page on Cocoa plants https://plantvillage.psu.edu/topics/c...
In the section for "pest and diseases" does not mention this pest at all, I would like to know wether is a matter of old or wrong informations? If the pest used to be a problem in 1957 in Nigeria but perhaps it has been eradicated?

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Posted by: Bernard F. (1 point) Bernard F.
Posted: October 6, 2022

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