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Is it too early to plant broccoli transplants in CT?

Broccoli    CT

I live close to Torrington, CT and I am planting broccoli for the first time. I have been working on hardening them off for the past 2 weeks but I'm a bit nervous of planting them in the ground. I believe broccoli to cold hardy? The forecast says that the temperature will dip early next week back...

Asked by: Rod Morrison (2 points)   Posted: April 9, 2013

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Chili fruits turning brown - what's wrong?

Chilli Pepper   

Could anybody tell me what would cause the peppers on a thai chili plant to turn brown? I have a few peppers overwintering indoors and they have sporadically flowering. My thai plant flowered and the fruits started do develop but are now going brown - any ideas?

Asked by: Jess Haines (1 point)   Posted: April 8, 2013

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Can I grow potatoes over summer?

Potato    MD

From what (very) little I know about vegetable gardening they seem to be harvested in winter. I would love some home grown potatoes over summer to make potato salads and things. Can I plant them for harvest over summer? If so how is it done?

Asked by: Mel (2 points)   Posted: April 8, 2013

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Is is it safe to plant veg close to yew trees?

General    York, UK

There is an area of our garden in the SW corner that we pinpointed over the weekend for growing some veg in but our neighbour has some conifers growing close to the fence. I asked him what kind they were and he said that they are European Yews - which I thought were poisonous? Is it alright to...

Asked by: Johnboy (2 points)   Posted: April 8, 2013

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How do I plant blueberry.

Blueberry    PA

I would like to add some blueberries to my garden but I'm not sure how to plant them, or when. What is the optimum soil pH for blueberry? How can I prepare the soil for planting them? Is it best to plant in spring?

Asked by: Michelle Hay (1 point)   Posted: April 7, 2013

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Can I plant anything in my new garden this year?

General    York, UK

I moved house this past Autumn and inherited a nice garden with our new house. The house has apple trees growing and there is plenty space for growing some veg. I'm a little worried as it appears I missed my chance to do any prep work in Autumn and I don't really know if I can plant anything this...

Asked by: Johnboy (2 points)   Posted: April 7, 2013

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How can I keep squirrels, chipmunks, birds etc. away from sunflowers?

Sunflower    Pennsylvania, USA

I absolutely love sunflowers and am planning to try growing them on the part of my balcony that gets most sun. I tried this last year and the squirrels ate my seedlings soon after they emerged. How can I protect them as they grow so that I have the best chance of enjoying those beautiful flowers...

Asked by: Lindsay McMenemy (4 points)   Posted: April 6, 2013

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How deep do I need to dig my soil in Spring?


Is there a general rule of thumb for digging compost into the soil in the spring? Is it necessary to use a rototiller or can I get away with digging by hand? My soil is always very compacted after winter and hard to work with.

Asked by: Pamela Croft (1 point)   Posted: April 6, 2013

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Are there any vegetables I can grow completely indoors?

General    NY

I don't have a garden, just a balcony and I think I'm getting close to my limit space wise with what I have sown already. Is there anything that I can grow completely indoors? I am trying out watermelon in a container but I know that that will need to out in the sun. I have just planted some more...

Asked by: Sophie Brooks (3 points)   Posted: April 6, 2013

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Avocado seed germination and seed differences

Avocado    Pennsylvania, USA

In what may be the most badly designed scientific experiment ever I set up 2 new avocado seeds to germinate last night. I only bought two avocados and decided to set one up in soil, and one in water (I will now have to repeat the entire process in order to determine if it was seed type or the...

Asked by: Lindsay McMenemy (4 points)   Posted: April 5, 2013

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What kind is the seed on the left?
How can I determine the cause of bitter cucumbers?


My cucumber harvests were bitter last year and I did not realize at the time that this may actually be caused by environmental factors as I had not grown that particular variety before and just put it down to a bad selection. I have purchased a different variety this year but I guess the...

Asked by: Pamela Croft (1 point)   Posted: April 5, 2013

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How should I care for my strawberries in Spring?

Strawberry    NJ

My strawberry plants (like the rest of the garden) are in need of sprucing up this Spring. What should I be doing to get them back to their best? Should I prune the dead leaves? Also is it best to remove runners as they are produced to concentrate the plant's energy back to fruit production or...

Asked by: Beth Johnson (2 points)   Posted: April 5, 2013

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How do you keep weevils from destroying beans if you don't have a freezer?

Bean    northern California

Every year I find a few weevils in one or two varieties of beans when it's time to plant them. I know the usual way to prevent eggs from hatching is to make sure the beans are dry and then put them in a chest freezer at 0F for a few days. But I was wondering how bean seed was protected before...

Asked by: Tanya in the Garden (128 points)   Posted: April 4, 2013

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How do I make my own potting mix?

General    KS USA

Is it cheaper to buy the ingredients and mix up my own soil for potting on my seedlings? I'm going through a fair amount as my seedlings get bigger and I think I would be willing to source the right things and make my own, does anybody have a good general purpose recipe they would care to share?

Asked by: Mike T. (3 points)   Posted: April 4, 2013

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Why would I grow squash on hills?

Squash    None Given

I am investigating growing some squash and I frequently read that it should be grown on hills. Why is this, what benefit is it to the plant? Would you recommend growing this way and if so, how do I do it? Do I mound the soil up around the plant or plant seeds into it? A little confused here

Asked by: Angie Hayes (1 point)   Posted: April 4, 2013

2 answers    10455 views
Successive plantings of lettuce

Lettuce    CO

I am growing up some lettuce plants and I would quite like to have a supply of it over spring and into summer if I can. How often do I need to sow seeds? Every two weeks seems like the recommended but this seems very long for only a small amount of lettuce. There is only me and my husband so I...

Asked by: Becca Harman (1 point)   Posted: April 4, 2013

2 answers    3026 views
Can I salvage overwatered pepper seedlings?

Pepper, bell    Zone 7

I made the mistake of entrusting the care of my seedlings to my neighbors kid while I was away for a few days and when I got home last night I found that my peppers are really wet and some looking sorry for themselves. There was so much water that if I pressed my finger down into the soil I could...

Asked by: Ed Simmons (3 points)   Posted: April 4, 2013

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How exactly do I use chicken poop in my vegetable garden?

General    United Kingdom

So, knowing that I am keen on growing vegetables a friend who recently started keeping chickens offered me all the chicken poop I could ever want :-) I have heard of people using it in their gardens but I never have myself. How exactly do I use it to best effect? Should I just throw it on the...

Asked by: Greg Coyle (3 points)   Posted: April 3, 2013

3 answers    29110 views
Which herbs can be directly seeded in garden?

General    IL, Zone 8a

I'm in the midst of planning my first herb garden and questions keep cropping up. I had originally thought to start all of my plants from seed indoors but now I'm not sure. Is it actually best to plant straight into the bed? Are there particular herbs that do better started indoors, or should I...

Asked by: Sharon Conroy (1 point)   Posted: April 3, 2013

3 answers    5291 views
Can I grow garlic in pots on patio?

Garlic (Allium Sativum)    MA

I think I want to try growing elephant garlic but I wondered if I can grow these in pots placed in a sunny part of my patio? The aim is to save some space, is elephant garlic suited to containers? How deep would it need to be?

Asked by: Sarah E (2 points)   Posted: April 3, 2013

1 answer    5215 views
How many eggplants should I plant?


I am considering growing eggplant this year for the first time but I do not know how many to plant. How many fruits does each plant produce? I live in South Carolina, zone 8a I think. I have grown squash before and it produced well.

Asked by: Jenny Servick (1 point)   Posted: April 2, 2013

3 answers    20212 views
Growing asparagus as an annual?

Asparagus    MD

Hi everyone, I would like to grow some asparagus but everything I read says not to harvest for at least two years after planting. Is it possible to grow it and just replant it next year. I may have to move due to work later this year so I don't really wan to plant it and have to start all over....

Asked by: Mel (2 points)   Posted: April 2, 2013

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Trellis spacing and training peas

Pea    UK

I wondered if I could trouble you for some advice about the best method of trellising pea plants. What is a good spacing for the slats on the trellis? and how can I train the plant properly up the trellis or safely tie it? I fear that the trellis I tried to use last year is unsuitable as the peas...

Asked by: Robyn (4 points)   Posted: April 2, 2013

2 answers    7839 views
Best way to add calcium to soil to prevent blossom end rot?

Tomato    SC

I have a tomato growing question. I have experienced problems with blossom end rot on past tomato crops and I would like to try growing some again this year. If it is caused by a calcium deficiency then what is the best way of supplementing the soil?

Asked by: Melanie Young (9 points)   Posted: April 1, 2013

6 answers    134484 views
is it worth it to grow heirloom tomato varieties?

Tomato    SC

I am fascinated by some of the heirloom varieties of tomato out there. In particular, I have been looking at a variety called 'indigo rose' which looks beautiful and sounds delicious. I am not a big tomato grower although I've had good success on occasion. The last time I grew some I had problems...

Asked by: Melanie Young (9 points)   Posted: April 1, 2013

3 answers    3365 views
How to prevent damping-off?

General    NY

I have just lost a batch of pepper seedlings to what I think (thank you to people on here) was damping-off. I did a quick google search and found that damping-off can be caused by poorly circulating air and that I could use a fan to gently blow air around my trays. Is this a good idea? If so, can...

Asked by: Sophie Brooks (3 points)   Posted: April 1, 2013

2 answers    2850 views
Starting a herb garden in zone 8

General    IL, Zone 8a

I have a bed that I would like to plant as a dedicated herb garden, I usually grow veg and know little about herb gardening but I would very much like to learn. I am already familiar with mint! I would really like some advice on some other herbs that will thrive in zone 8a. The bed I am thinking...

Asked by: Sharon Conroy (1 point)   Posted: March 31, 2013

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Preventing grey mold on cucumbers in greenhouse?

Cucumber    None Given

I own a small greenhouse that lets me get a head start on some of my vegetables. Last year my cucumbers were afflicted by what I believe was grey mold. Once it hit, it spread quickly and I was at a loss what to do. Can anybody provide me with some advice on what to do this year to prevent it? I...

Asked by: Denis Schneider (1 point)   Posted: March 31, 2013

2 answers    3917 views
Pruning an apricot tree - how and when

General    Lausanne, Switzerland

I'm attaching an image of a young apricot tree, and I've indicated where I would prune the tree. Am I doing this right, or overdoing it? It's very hard to find clear information out there. Also, the timing of the pruning is not clear. Most sources say you should prune when the tree when...

Asked by: deactivated (25 points)   Posted: March 30, 2013

1 answer    3914 views
Apricot tree and where I would prune
Can peas grow in a sandy soil?

Pea    None Given

I have been researching what I can grow in my soil as it is, are peas a good idea? I would ideally like to grow some sugar snap varieties or will the plants not tolerate it. I'm not sure that I have the time available to make extensive soil modifications this year.

Asked by: Jenny Robertson (2 points)   Posted: March 29, 2013

3 answers    6155 views
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