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What are the easiest vegetables to start off with for a new gardener?

General    PA

I am totally new to vegetable gardening, never grown anything myself before but I have decided that this is the year. I would like to know what the best (easiest!) vegetables are for a beginner like me. I have a good amount of space but I don’t want to run before I can walk and end up unable to...

Asked by: Karen Miller (2 points)   Posted: March 15, 2013

3 answers    3009 views
Effectiveness of ladybugs at controlling pests in organic vegetable garden

General    OK Zone 7

I am curious to find out what peoples experiences are with buying ladybirds and releasing them in the vegetable garden. Do the ladybugs establish and hang around all summer or is it more short term? I'm interesting in trying them out as I had a problem with aphids and whiteflies on my plants...

Asked by: Emily Field (1 point)   Posted: March 15, 2013

3 answers    5027 views
Sugar Cane

General    None Given

Can you grow sugar cane in central florida (zone 9) and if so where can I get some?

Asked by: Mark (3 points)   Posted: March 14, 2013

2 answers    3624 views
Pruning Cherry tree with Black Knot

Cherry (including sour)    MO

The cherry in our yard has what I'm now sure is black knot. I see that it might be possible to prune back the diseased branches and maybe save the tree. Would anyone be able to give advice on the best way to do this?

Asked by: Dave P. (1 point)   Posted: March 14, 2013

1 answer    2143 views
Brown shriveled leaves on artichoke seedlings

Artichoke    MI

I have been growing up some globe artichoke transplants and they were doing great. However over the last couple of days, the leaves at the bottom of the plants have started to go brown and shrivel up. Is this damping-off? What can I do to rescue my plants?

Asked by: Abby (7 points)   Posted: March 14, 2013

1 answer    3158 views
Melon in container?

Cantaloupe    NY

Is it possible to grow melon in a container? I am trying to start a balcony garden and I am limited to containers. Has anybody tried this and had success? If so which variety?

Asked by: Sophie Brooks (3 points)   Posted: March 13, 2013

1 answer    3087 views
When should garlic cloves sprout?

Garlic (Allium Sativum)    None Given

I planted a few garlic cloves for the first time in the Fall and I am eagerly awaiting them sprouting in the spring. How quickly does garlic tend to emerge? Is there any chance that a cold wet winter could have damaged them?

Asked by: Angie Hayes (1 point)   Posted: March 13, 2013

2 answers    2952 views
What is best to plant near strawberry?

Strawberry    Zone 7

I ask this as I know that strawberry does not do well with competition. Is there something that will do well and not affect the strawberry too much. Is there an optimum amount of space to leave between a strawberry patch and other plants? I can't seem to find the information I need so any input...

Asked by: Ed Simmons (3 points)   Posted: March 13, 2013

1 answer    2566 views
How often should I rotate pepper

Pepper, bell    CO

I know that I should rotate the plants that I grow in my vegetable garden but how often is best? Can I grow pepper in the same spot as last year? I don't have much space to play with and they did very well there.

Asked by: Becca Harman (1 point)   Posted: March 12, 2013

1 answer    2802 views
what would cause a green potato?


I managed to raise a December crop of potato but when I harvested them, many had green areas of skin. What would cause this?

Asked by: Red (1 point)   Posted: March 12, 2013

1 answer    2038 views
Topping tomato plants

Tomato    Zone 7B

So having read a bit more about growing indeterminates I have another question. Some people seem to advocate topping the tomato plants to ripen fruit later in the season, while other recommend simply pinching off flowers and new fruits. What is the opinion on here, is one method better than the...

Asked by: cara smith (2 points)   Posted: March 12, 2013

3 answers    21827 views
Gooseberry that does not flower


The gooseberry I have in my back yard has not flowered once. I have lived here for about 4 years now, the plant was there when we moved here so its not one I planted. It looks very healthy. What could the problem be? Can I do anything to help it along?

Asked by: Pamela Croft (1 point)   Posted: March 11, 2013

1 answer    2080 views
Baby corn - is it a special variety?

Maize (corn)    Zone 7B

Can somebody please settle this argument for me. My husband wants me to grow baby corn in the garden this year but will not believe me that it is simply regular corn that has not matured. He says it is a special variety. Who is right here? Help me please!

Asked by: cara smith (2 points)   Posted: March 11, 2013

1 answer    2776 views
Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) for erosion control and other services in Tanzania

General    Luvilukuni, Tanzania

This is a followup question to one that I had posted with regard to cover crops for erosion control in Tanzania ( see an additional picture below). I have been thinking about trying Kenaf (Hibiscus cannabinus) for some time, but do not know much about its water and nutrient requirements and am...

Asked by: Markus Walsh (4 points)   Posted: March 10, 2013

1 answer    3512 views
Overland flow following 32 mm of rainfall over ~45 min near Kisongo, Tanzania.
Timing tomato seeds

Tomato    PA

When should I start tomato seeds indoors for transplanting? I'm in zone 6?

Asked by: Marsha Anderson (5 points)   Posted: March 9, 2013

1 answer    2164 views
Slug control

General    United Kingdom

We got a major slug infestation in the vegetables last year and as we are starting to plan our planting for spring I figured I would get some advise about whether there is anything I can do to prepare my beds to keep them away this year. Is there anything I can do before planting that will...

Asked by: Greg Coyle (3 points)   Posted: March 9, 2013

1 answer    2564 views
Getting rid of unwanted mint

General    IL, Zone 8a

I have a small problem of mint growing uncontrollably all over my garden and I could really use some advice on the best method of getting rid of it. Am I going to have to dig it all out?

Asked by: Sharon Conroy (1 point)   Posted: March 8, 2013

2 answers    5527 views
Planting apple trees near cedar


I have been told by a friend (who also happens to live next door) that I should not plant apple trees in the yard as there are cedars growing in the area and they can get a disease from them. There is a small patch of cedars growing about 3 miles away as far as I know - are they really going to...

Asked by: Alex Ramirez (2 points)   Posted: March 8, 2013

2 answers    16539 views
Suckering tomatoes

Tomato    Zone 7B

I usually grow determinate varieties in containers but I thought I’d try my hand at a few indeterminates this year, any tips on suckering for a first time grower?

Asked by: cara smith (2 points)   Posted: March 8, 2013

1 answer    2960 views
Not so hot Jalapenos

Chilli Pepper   

Nice to see a page for hot peppers on here. I have a question that I'm sorta posting on behalf of a friend. He said he grew some jalapenos up last year but the peppers were very mild and didn't have the heat that they ought to. I've never had this happen before and I'd really like to know what...

Asked by: Bill (3 points)   Posted: March 7, 2013

2 answers    2921 views
How to remove apple tree suckers

Apple    ND

Our apple tree is producing extensive suckers and I’m worried about cutting them as I have been told that this will just make the tree produce even more of them. Any advice as to what is best to do here?

Asked by: Jack Wilson (1 point)   Posted: March 6, 2013

2 answers    11996 views
What would cause flowers to fall off pepper plant?

Pepper, bell   

Hi.I have noticed this two years running. My bell pepper plant will produce lots of flowers, but they drop off without producing fruit. What could be causing this? I'd really appreciate the help.

Asked by: Nina R (1 point)   Posted: March 5, 2013

4 answers    30331 views
Best method for hardening off plants in spring?

General    OK Zone 7

is this one of those things that everybody has their own preferred way of doing or is there a definitive method that I should follow. I lost some plants last time round and suspect it was shock that got ‘em.

Asked by: Emily Field (1 point)   Posted: March 5, 2013

1 answer    6807 views
best depth for raised bed?

General    IL, Zone 8a

I want to install a raised bed and as well as some leafy greens, I’d like to grow some root crops later in the season like carrots and potatoes. Whats a good depth of soil which will allow me to grow these successfully?

Asked by: Sharon Conroy (1 point)   Posted: March 4, 2013

2 answers    3995 views
cross-pollinating squash


I was intending to grow up at least three different types of squash this spring but I have read that they are likely to cross pollinate. what exactly does this mean in terms of the fruit, will my squash end up as a mix of varieties?

Asked by: Susan Davis (1 point)   Posted: March 3, 2013

3 answers    3654 views
How to prevent wilt on tomatoes?

Tomato    USA

My entire tomato crop was wiped out because my plants got wilt last summer, what’s the best way to stop the same thing happening again this year?

Asked by: Maggie Muffins (1 point)   Posted: March 2, 2013

3 answers    6552 views
Advice on cover crops for soil erosion control in Tanzania

General    Luvilukuni, Tanzania

We are currently experiencing massive soil erosion in the Kisongo area of Tanzania. The general location can be found on a Google Earth search. What might be some fast growing, tough, non-invasive cover crops that we might be able to use to slow this down?

Asked by: Markus Walsh (4 points)   Posted: March 2, 2013

7 answers    13201 views
Result of 32 mm of rainfall event over a ~45 min period on Feb 2, 2013
Which produce can I grow in Pennsylvania in a partial shade garden?


I am an amateur gardener with only about 3 or 4 years of experience. I have a yard with a small corner of full sun, but I'd like to make use of the rest of the area as well, which receives varying degrees of partial sunlight. I want to grow produce, not ornamental plants. So far I've tried...

Asked by: Miriam Stein (5 points)   Posted: March 1, 2013

1 answer    1961 views
my squash shriveled up

Squash    NJ

My squash got to about 3 inches long and then just shriveled up. what could have caused this? can i grow squash again this year or will the same thing happen?

Asked by: Beth Johnson (2 points)   Posted: March 1, 2013

1 answer    6280 views
what is the best organic fertilizer to use?


can you recommend a good balanced fertilizer (organic) for tomatoes, eggplant, squash? when is the best time to apply it to my vegetables. thanks

Asked by: Pamela Croft (1 point)   Posted: February 28, 2013

3 answers    4938 views
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