Fall armyworm status and distribution: "In the Department of Torodi (Tillaberi region), damages were observed on leaves, flowers before their outings, and cobs on irrigated corn at Torodi (13.08833 ° N / 1.79250 ° E) and Kobadie (13.21972 ° N / 1.86472 ° E). In the Tahoua region, according to sources from the Niger General Directorate of Plant Protection (DGPV), S. frugiperda has been reported on maize in the Taddis valley (14.91721 ° N / 5 , 25417 ° E) in Tahoua and in the department of Konni (13,80336 ° N / 5,25242 ° E) with medium damages. More recently, the presence of the species is reported in the Department of Tillaberi on the irrigated perimeter of Tillakaina (14,24977 ° N / 1,43103 ° E) and the seed farm of Lossa (13,97621 ° N / 1.55348 ° E) respectively on maize and on millet crop grown for seeds production. With the support of the DGPV and the Regional Crop Protection Service of Tillabéri, the emergences resulting from the breeding by AGRHYMET of caterpillars samples harvested at Tillakaina confirmed that it is indeed S. frugiperda." (Permanent Inter-State Committee For Drought Control in the Sahel, June 2017)

Estimated yield loss:



Warning: the Fall armyworm Spodoptera frugiperda, the new maize pest in West Africa, has reached Niger. AGRHYMET Regional Centre. SPECIAL Bulletin (June 2017). Permanent Inter-State Committee For Drought Control in the Sahel .