South Sudan

Fall armyworm status and distribution: "An outbreak of fall armyworm has been reported by the Government of South Sudan in the Equatoria region including Magwi, Yei and Juba, Northern Bahr el Gazal and parts of Jonglei area. Fall armyworm is a new pest in Africa, preferring maize plants, but feeds on sorghum, millet, vegetables and other crops as well. As maize and sorghum are staple foods in the country, the infestation is putting an increasing number of people at risk of hunger.

“It is nearly impossible to eliminate this pest from South Sudan – now that it is here, it will stay. Following its initial detection in Magwi Country, it is spread to nearly all areas of the country at an alarming rate,” explains Serge Tissot, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Representative in South Sudan." (FAO in emergencies, 2017) 

Estimated yield loss:



Fall Armyworm outbreak in South Sudan. FAO in emergencies (2017).