insect pest on cocoa pod
Cocoa Mealybug

Cacao    Nigeria

Hello, I have read many articles with different scientific names and pictures for cocoa mealybug. I have also seen the species shown in your article on the pest of cocoa tree. How did you come about the name cocoa mealybug, is it because it was found on a cocoa tree or a moecular identification...

Asked by: Emem Kingsley-Umana (1 point)   Posted:July 4, 2019

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This pest is causing holes on our cocoa. Please insecticide can we used to safely rectify it
Stunted growth

Cacao    Nigeria

We have plant cocoa (Cacao) since 2016 but the growths as been really bad. There is no shade, also no water on the farm. This year we try and provide shade with Plantain and since it started rain no sign of change. I really do suspect the soil. Pls what can we use to improve the soil, fertilizers...

Asked by: Zulu Abdulhamid Opeyemi (1 point)   Posted:June 12, 2019

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Fruit tree transplant shock

Cacao    None Given

i have bought some fruit trees from the US and it took 5 days to arrive! they arrived well in thier boxes but the minuet i potted them in a good porting mix and watered them well placed them in a shady spot, yet they started showing signs of stress. mind you they came from Miami and they are...

Asked by: reem (9 points)   Posted:June 6, 2015

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Cacao trees

Cacao    Rupert, Idaho

Hi, I was wondering how cacao trees would do in the Idaho climate with global warming and all. Thank you for your time.

Asked by: Stephanie Lindsay (1 point)   Posted:October 2, 2015

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