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Bio: I am a plant pathologist currently working as postdoctoral scholar under Prof. David Hughes, Department of Entomology, Pennsylvania State University and a member of PlantVillage team.

With a Doctorate in Plant Biosensory Sciences (University of Torino, Italy -Emphasis: rice blast, spider mite), one year Postgraduate diploma in Plant Protection (NPPTI, Hyderabad, India - Emphasis: Pathology, entomology, weed science, and pesticide chemistry), two years of Masters in Plant Pathology (UAS, Bangalore, India - Emphasis: sorghum downy mildew on maize) and Bachelors in Agriculture (UAS, Bangalore, India - Emphasis: Agronomy, soil science, etc.) have good exposure to diverse aspects of agriculture & plant protection.

Also worked as Senior Research Fellow in Indian Institute of Horticulture Research on fusarium wilt of banana. And as postdoctoral researcher in University of Manitoba, Canada on plant abiotic stress.

Email :  gowda.ravishankar@gmail.com
Location: State College, Penn State University Joined Date: September 10, 2015


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