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Bio: I grow vegetables, berries, herbs, and flowers and eat from my garden every single day.

Email :  tanyagarden@gmail.com
Location: northern California
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May 30, 2014- If you want to plant right away, you can make soil pockets in the mulch, and plant seeds in the...

May 14, 2014- Never assume! If it is the silver-spotted skipper, it feeds on woody legumes, such as honey...

April 20, 2014- If you want to add only N, good sources include alfalfa pellets or any seed meals (soybean meal,...

April 9, 2014- Yes, and also submit another question about growing herbs. It would be helpful to know which...

April 9, 2014- I think you are asking if plants with minor diseases can still produce a good crop. Yes, plants...

March 31, 2014- Several insects can be the cause of white spots on kale leaves. Look at the photo of flea beetle...

March 6, 2014- David, the reason to hold off on shrubs and trees is because the best planting time in this...

March 1, 2014- Here are a couple more tips I came across. If you water automatically, observe it to make sure...