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Dr. Raffaele Giurato  

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Bio: Agronomist, Technical and Sales Manager.

Email :  raf.giurato@gmail.com
Location: Italia
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Recently asked questions:
Stem rot symptoms were seen on greenhouse-grown tomato during the 2017 winter
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Recent comments:

April 18, 2017- Yes, I'll take and send the samples at the university for isolation. Thank you so much !

October 31, 2016- If you tell me that there has been overwatering, you will want to check the roots. The roots...

September 25, 2016- The insecticides used by farmers: pyrroles; (high dose; I believe it is the...

September 24, 2016- I have contacted the farmer. Yes, the farmer has made several insecticide treatments but not...

September 19, 2016- I also thought as salt stress. I saw accumulation of salts on the hose pipe (image attached)....

April 21, 2016- The seeds were imported from Bangladesh. Previously it was grown tomato.

April 16, 2016- Dear Ravi, SLCV is not present in Europe. What is the mode of transmission of SLCV? By seed? The...

December 16, 2015- plants on the soil. The basal leaves are healthy or slightly affected. Firmly I rule out that it...