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May 10, 2013- interesting idea, I don't currently have any berries but I was considering planting some...

May 10, 2013- thank you Peg, I do not have any tomatoes or peppers out as of yet but I do have quite a few...

April 19, 2013- well I will bear that in Mind Susan, thanks for your help

April 12, 2013- Thank you Anthony!

April 12, 2013- Thanks!

April 12, 2013- Thank you for the very quick response!

April 12, 2013- Hi Kathryn, thanks. Brambles are blackberries right? From what I have read terracing is a good...

April 12, 2013- Well that is some food for thought Wurgulf. Thank you for your detailed reply. Luckily the slope...