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Bio: I am a professional garden writer and the creator of Florida Survival Gardening.

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December 16, 2013- Ah-ha! Don't worry about that, then. That won't hurt the tree a bit. Sometimes people cut off...

December 7, 2013- Another thing that helps: plant a lot of other plants around the apples, particularly herbs and...

October 30, 2013- Thank you, Smiley Mary!

October 30, 2013- You might also try painting the tree's surroundings pink, reading "Little Women" out loud, and...

September 10, 2013- "Adding mulch to sand is a whole different kettle of fish to adding it to clay." Of course,...

September 3, 2013- Great find!

May 24, 2013- Good for you!

March 29, 2013- Yeah... they're tough trees. I like giving mine a little here and there - but I have sandy soil....