Livestock Feed

Utilization of baby corn byproducts and wastes as livestock feed

On an average four crops of baby corn are taken per annum in India. After picking 3-4 baby corn ears from baby corn crop, two byproducts: baby corn husk with silk, and baby corn fodder, with an average yield of 5-5.5 and 30-35 tonnes/ha respectively are available for feeding to livestock. Both contain 10-12% crude protein on dry matter basis and can be fed fresh ad libitum or after making silage. The ensiled baby corn husk or fodder can be incorporated in the total mixed ration up to 30% on dry matter basis. Both the byproducts have chemical composition and nutritional value comparable to, or superior than, conventional maize fodder. Their feeding increases milk production in dairy animals. These byproducts can also be fed to other categories of ruminant animal species.