Privacy Policy

PlantVillage is a public good resource built at Penn State University. The goal of PlantVillage is to help farmers around the world access knowledge on crop health and make decisions that can improve the amount of food they grow and their ability to get that food to market for a fair price that helps farmers improve their livelihood.

In this app you will receive advice on what to do in your farm. This advice is provided to you via scientists at UN FAO, CGIAR as well as from published material from non-profit groups like APS, CABI and national and state institutions (USAID, Land Grants). PlantVillage does its best to present the correct advice but we are not on your farm and we do not know all the details. You accept responsibility for how you use the advice presented through the app. PlantVillage, Penn State, UN FAO and CGIAR cannot be held responsible and you are always recommended to contact an extension officer from your Government.

The PlantVillage Nuru app collects location data in order to provide up to date information about local weather, provide information on your farms, and better understand how our employees use the app. This information is not transferred to third parties.