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The PlantVillage solution

PlantVillage has developed PlantVillage Observatory that works to increase the yield and profitability for millions of farmers. It is our goal to reach hundreds of millions in partnership with an ecosystem of farmer facing organizations and the farmers themselves. Our algorithms come from our integration of AI, satellite technology and our unique field force (PlantVillage field officers). Once a farmer inputs 3 critical details (crop type, location, planting date) the algorithms within the PlantVillage engine can send out advice via smartphone, SMS, TV or real world social networks.

  • AI
  • Satellites
  • Dream team
    Youth as Bridges


PlantVillage has created an AI assistant for farmers. There are three components to its artificial intelligence:

  1. human expert level crop disease diagnostics using computer vision;
  2. above human capabilities in anomaly detection and forecasting based on ground and satellite derived data;
  3. human language comprehension and automated responses to questions posed by farmers.

Our AI works with extension services, goverments and the UN.

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