We help smallholder farmers across Africa, Asia and the Americas adapt to climate change

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Climate change shocks coupled with pests and diseases prevent African farmers from becoming profitable enterprises

Currently running projects


2021 - present

The path to gigatonne scale carbon removal

African farms and rangelands can store permanently billions of tonnes of carbon each year.

We see farms and rangelands in Africa as AI Powered Carbon Capture Cubes that capture carbon and permanently store it as biochar, improving soils and diversifying incomes via carbon markets.

Feed the Future


2022 - present

Current and Emerging Threats to Crops Innovation Lab

In a climate changed, interconnected world we need research on the threats farmers face. The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Current and Emerging Threats to Crops will focus on tackling pests, diseases and weeds of crops in a climate changed world.

2021 - present

Helping pastoralists

We support pastoralists with advanced forecasts from FEWS NET and UN on where they can find vegetation and water, as well how to treat their animals. We connect vets and pastoralists in rangelands to adapt to climate change.

2021 - present


Together with IFPRI we’ve launched a AI driven diet habit tracking app that is focused on improving the diets of adolescents and ensuring schools meals are healthy.


2018 - present

Fighting locusts

PlantVillage at Penn State created the eLocust3m for UN FAO to help them gather data on locust occurrence. We’ve created a simple reporting tool to to engage communities who have limited experience in locusts surveying.

2018 - present

Data harvesting & processing

Using the PlantVillage app and our analytical platform we aggregate data from farms all over the world.

This allow us make cost-effective collaborative research on novel approaches to monitor, predict and combat current and emerging threats to crops in a climate changed world.

Kip E. Tom

Kip E. Tom

US Ambassador

“PlantVillage from one of our US Land Grants (Penn State) has shown the important role of Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing, analytics and satellite intelligence in cost-effectively fighting the Desert Locust and other threats African farmers face.

Data is critical for both the current threat but future ones when they occur. You must measure and monitor digitally if you want to control.”

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Climate change shocks coupled with pests and diseases prevent African farmers from becoming profitable enterprises

PlantVillage uses AI and cloud computing that works to increase the yield and profitability for millions of farmers.

It is our goal to reach hundreds of millions in partnership with an ecosystem of farmer facing organizations and the farmers themselves. Our algorithms come from our integration of AI, satellite technology and our PlantVillage extension officers who now work across 12 countries and we are aiming to get to >50 countries by late 2025.

Once a farmer inputs 3 critical details (crop type, location, planting date) the algorithms within the PlantVillage engine can send out advice via smartphone, SMS, TV or real world social networks.