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A) fan shape leaf
Grape disease diagnostic

Grape    Syria

Hello, I am a new grape farmer, And I need help to diagnose my grape disease, The following symptoms are visible, it is bunch closure time in our region,: Stunted growth, short shoots compared to healthy vines and smaller leaves Chlorotic leaves Some fan shaped leaves(i might be mistaken) and...

Asked by: youssef al ghadban (1 point)   Posted:June 21, 2018

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cherry disease

Cherry (including sour)    Iran

our cherry orchard suffers from a unknown disease for us. They told us it is a viral disease and Several chemical ways were recommended for disease control. is it viral disease? Is the disease can be reduced or controlled through chemical or other methods?

Asked by: lordss (1 point)   Posted:June 18, 2018

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Egg plant healthy leaf
Data set for leaf disease identification

General    India

Hello, I am Deeba Kannan. I am a student of CS and im currently doing a project for vegetable leaf disease identification (tomato, egg plant, ladies finger, bitter gourde and chilli)using machine learning. I am searching for dataset with healthy and infected leaf images . Kindly help me. My...

Asked by: Deeba Kannan (1 point)   Posted:June 18, 2018

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white paches
White Patches on my Alphonso tree

Mango    India

There are white patches on my mango tree and less leaves please suggest any medicine for the tree

Asked by: yogesh (1 point)   Posted:June 16, 2018

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Plant Diseases

General    Pakistan

Hey everyone, I am a cs student.I am currently working on a project involving recognition of some leaf and fruit based plant diseases.I require a dataset including healthy and affected plants mentioned for which plant it is.If anyone can help, let me know at

Asked by: saud (1 point)   Posted:June 12, 2018

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Cucumber    Iran

Hi everyone my cucumber field suffer from this problem, I can't diagnosis it, please let me know what can cause it?

Asked by: lordss (1 point)   Posted:June 10, 2018

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One view of the rotten fruits.
Disease infecting my pomegranate

Pomegranate    India

There is a disease infecting my pomegranate tree. The tree bears fruit every season but the fruits rot in sometime. Please suggest an organic method to treat my pomegranate tree.

Asked by: Abhishek (1 point)   Posted:June 6, 2018

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weeds hanging in the trees
Persistent weeds infesting my mango tree

Mango    India

There is this particular type of weed having aerial origin that has infested one of my mango tree. Despite being manually removed a number of times, this weed keeps coming back. Please suggest an organic method to get rid of this persistent weed.

Asked by: Abhishek (1 point)   Posted:June 6, 2018

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donkey train
Nuru testing

General    Uganda

I am heading a team of extension officers in Uganda working with small holder farmers growing barley, maize, sorghum and cassava. Will it be possible to get involved with the testing of the Nuru app? Regards. Theunis

Asked by: Theunis Coetzee (1 point)   Posted:May 30, 2018

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Some of the affected papaya trees.
Water logging stress (Papaya Farm)

Papaya (pawpaw)    Tanzania

Hi Team, Hope you are all doing great Well, my question is based on places (farms which are affected by water logging, what methods can you suggest to prevent the plant/s from being affected due to water logging stress. Please note the area(farm) is not always water logged. It gets...

Asked by: Andrew (1 point)   Posted:May 29, 2018

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This image is of not my plant. I have got it from an online resource. However my tree exhibits similar problems.
Alternatives to chemical insecticides.

Pomegranate    India

Sir, One pomegranate tree in my farm suffers from flies issue. In one youtube video it was suggested that carboryl (2 - 4 gm per litre) or monocrotophos (1 mg per litre) may be used to control these pests. I however intend to use an organic substitute in place of these chemical...

Asked by: Abhishek (1 point)   Posted:May 20, 2018

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There is no problem in my mango tree except that they grow in alternate years
Usage of paclobutrazol (Cultar)

Mango    India

In one of the episode regarding maintenance of mango trees I learnt about the chemical called paclobutrazol (Cultar) which should be provided to trees during the month of September. However, my research on the internet confuses me on this aspect. While there definitely appears to be a positive...

Asked by: Abhishek (1 point)   Posted:May 20, 2018

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The tip of the leaves. The last fully developed set is new growth, and you can see the dying young leaves.
Death of new growth with flower senescence

Guava    Canada

Hi. I seem to be having a strange issue with my potted 5' guava tree. It began putting on new growth about a month ago, but just recently the small new leaves dried up and died before opening. There were 2-3 leaves added per branch before they started dying, and those appear to be alright, it's...

Asked by: Ian (1 point)   Posted:May 17, 2018

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Maize Crop

Corn (maize)    India

Sir, Which Disease or Nutrient Deficiencies is this & what is its solution?

Asked by: SUJIT KUMAR NAIK (1 point)   Posted:May 17, 2018

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General    Cassava Bacterial Blight    Morocco

Hi , I have a project school about citrus diseases , if you can help me to find image dataset about citrus diseases Thank you

Asked by: Ayoub (1 point)   Posted:May 15, 2018

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plantvillage dataset

PlantVillage    Lebanon

can we have access to the planvillage dataset? my aim is to use this dataset in order to classify the crop infected disease

Asked by: issam (1 point)   Posted:May 10, 2018

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leaf spots
leaf spots

Strawberry    Guatemala

I found several leafs with this spots. I am not sure if is Mycosphaerella sp. or... Can anyone help me to ID this problem?

Asked by: Erick (1 point)   Posted:May 9, 2018

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Is it a bacterium?

Tomato    Mexico

Good morning. I am a student at the National Center for Technological Research and Development (CENIDET) in the State of Morelos, Mexico. I would like to know if I can obtain the Clavibacter michiganensis subsp databases. michiganensis (bacterial chancre of tomato), Xanthomonas vesicatoria...

Asked by: ad├ín (1 point)   Posted:May 8, 2018

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What is this larva ?

Lentil    Tunisia

These larvae are harmful to the lentiles. We can not diagnose the beetle. Do you think this beetle type ?

Asked by: heisenberg (1 point)   Posted:May 4, 2018

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Magnolia Tree Problem

test    Turkey

Hello, my magnolia tree start to yellow, what can cause this?

Asked by: heisenberg (1 point)   Posted:April 26, 2018

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App IA Artificial Vision

PlantVillage    Colombia

Hi I read in an article about a free bank with more than 50,000 images, for those who are interested in developing applications, my question is, where can I get that bank? Thank you

Asked by: Gabriel Eduardo (1 point)   Posted:April 14, 2018

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yellowing of chickpea

Chickpea (gram pea)    Iran

Hello, my chickpea field start to yellow, what can cause this?

Asked by: lordss (1 point)   Posted:April 14, 2018

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leaves drying up (image dated 2nd April 2018)
What disease is this on my nutmeg plants and what is the way to save this plant?

Nutmeg    India

these nutmeg saplings were planted in the last monsoon (September 2017). All the plants showing similar symptoms of leaves turning brown. and then the shoots also drying up. The emerging leaves have also turned brown and dried up. Can you please identify what the disease is?

Asked by: Madhav (2 points)   Posted:April 11, 2018

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guava halves with problem
guava fruit hard centre

Guava    Australia

hello, I have been farming guavas for the last 20 yrs or so with no problems , but this years something possibly nasty has turned up.I was wondering if you would be able to help me diagnose this problem which seems extensive throughout guava crop--I am starting guava( fresh fruit...

Asked by: guy ward (1 point)   Posted:March 27, 2018

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Mango tree disease

Mango    India

Please inspect the pictures and advise /instruct , according ly

Asked by: Michael Palghadmal (1 point)   Posted:March 27, 2018

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Bacterial spot of Septoria leaf spot?

Tomato    Netherlands

Hi PlantVillage, I'm wondering what for disease this is, because the Bacterial spot and the Septoria leaf spot are very much alike. And how can I distinguish one from the other? Thanks in advance

Asked by: Thomas (1 point)   Posted:March 26, 2018

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The bark of my plant is also drying.
Why are the blossoms of my lemon plant falling off and leaves drying and turning yellow and red ?

Lemon    Pakistan

Its been a month I've bought the lemon plant , It had blossoms when I bought it and now the blossoms are falling off and and the stems are drying and the leaves are turning yellow and red and are drying.

Asked by: fatima (1 point)   Posted:March 25, 2018

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fertilizing fruit trees

General    Iran

what is the best way for fertilizing the fruit trees located in hole with diameter of 70 cm?

Asked by: lordss (1 point)   Posted:March 24, 2018

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Symptom on the top of plants
Virus on bell pepper

General    Vietnam

Can you guys help me determine what kind of virus and how is it spreading? They are popular on my greenhouse and neighbors. Thanks you so much for your help!

Asked by: Phan Dung (1 point)   Posted:March 21, 2018

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I propagated four strawberry plants from the mother plant via runners

Strawberry    South Africa

Three of the four plants have dark green to charcoal in color leaves. One has started to push up the lighter normal green color leaves. What can cause this?

Asked by: Phillip Armstrong (1 point)   Posted:March 19, 2018

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