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Diseases of maize

General    Mchinji,Malawi

the plants look white with strips, what should be the problem and solution to it?

Asked by: MIKUNDI 3 M. Mkandawire (1 point)   Posted:April 2, 2020

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Maize (corn)    Mchinji,Malawi

maize crop looks white with strips

Asked by: MIKUNDI 3 M. Mkandawire (1 point)   Posted:April 2, 2020

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cassava ugali

Cassava (manioc)    Busia,Kenya

why ugali from some improved variety cassava tent to be watery after preparing as compeared to local variety?

Asked by: Simon Odunga (1 point)   Posted:March 17, 2020

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I can’t open the app

PlantVillage    Kenya

I have downloaded the app but I can’t open it . I get the message “something went wrong” when I click on English

Asked by: Alex Bell (1 point)   Posted:March 13, 2020

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You can see some of the leaves are turning in this photo. This has only started happening in the last few days.
Leaves turning yellow on Thailand long bean plants

Bean    Thailand

My Thai family are having problems with newly planted long beans. Recently the leaves are turning a mottled yellow and they are thinking of digging them all up and starting again. I was wondering if there could be a soil based problem that we could correct to save them losing their hard work to...

Asked by: Tony Eastmead (1 point)   Posted:March 13, 2020

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chilly pepper

Chilli Pepper    Odisha,India

solution of disease in chilly peper what is the way to do so

Asked by: Amiya Kumar (1 point)   Posted:March 9, 2020

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Request for Wheat data set

Wheat    Australia

I am a pre-PhD researcher. My research topic is “the application of deep learning for crop disease detection”. I choose to study the wheat disease detection, so I need image data set for wheat disease. I would be grateful if you could kindly help me to access the data set .

Asked by: Saeedeh (1 point)   Posted:March 9, 2020

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rust and smut

Wheat    Pakistan

cure for rust and smut disease for wheat plant

Asked by: kashif (1 point)   Posted:March 5, 2020

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Mango tree 1 trunk
Mango disease

Mango    Saudi Arabia

Hello. I have a couple of mango trees and they have some kind of disease. I think it may be a fungus, but not sure, and not sure how to cure it. Thanks in advance.

Asked by: Jessica (1 point)   Posted:March 5, 2020

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Watermelon    Benin City,Nigeria

how can I fight this kind of a disease. this gradually affect some of plants please your advise will be very useful to me

Asked by: Ebenezer Jacobson (1 point)   Posted:March 4, 2020

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Pertes de récolte en culture de cotonnier liée à la chenille légionnaire Spodoptera frugiperda

Cotton    Cocody,Côte d'Ivoire

Spodoptera frugiperda cause t'il des pertes importantes de récolte en culture cotonnière ?

Asked by: KOBENAN (1 point)   Posted:March 4, 2020

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to whom do l report

General    Ntchisi,Malawi

to whom does my survey really goes

Asked by: Tyson Chapuma (1 point)   Posted:February 27, 2020

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coconut tree

General    Andhra Pradesh,India

coconut tree roots destroyed and falling down,IAM observe around the tree but I didn't identify any insects.. what is the problem and how to control

Asked by: ramprasad (2 points)   Posted:February 25, 2020

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I need Potato leaf disease image data-set (please help me David Sir)

Potato    Bangladesh

David Sir, my final year project based research is stuck for lack of potato leaf disease image dataset. I hear that your organization helped those who need dataset for research purpose. Plese Sir help me to end the research and also my Graduation so that I could publish a good research paper...

Asked by: Khalid Asif (1 point)   Posted:February 18, 2020

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Peanut (groundnut)    Lusaka Province,Zambia

what could be causing this? I had found some tiny pests on them. could they be the cause?

Asked by: Letisha (1 point)   Posted:February 5, 2020

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which pest on paddy

Rice    Hyderabad,India

Control measures for above pest on paddy and preventive measures

Asked by: Ananda (1 point)   Posted:February 3, 2020

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bacterial wilt

Tomato    Busia,Kenya

the tomatoes plant dries up before maturity. how can this be managed in a tomatoes farm?

Asked by: Simon Odunga (1 point)   Posted:January 30, 2020

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PlantVillage    Rumphi,Malawi

Isn't it possible to have a Farm Name on Survey Records? Am finding it confusing every time I want to review My Survey data as all the templates open with no Farm Name. I have scenarios where two or three farmers are belonging to the same village. THANKS.

Asked by: Dennis Chimeza (1 point)   Posted:January 16, 2020

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Fall Armyworm

General    Karonga,Malawi

What are recommended fall army worms chemicals that a farmer can apply??

Asked by: kaporo south 2 (1 point)   Posted:January 8, 2020

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حول التطبيق

PlantVillage    Ma'rib Governorate,Yemen

هل توصل اليكم المعلومات التي نرفعها

Asked by: علي الروقي (1 point)   Posted:January 2, 2020

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lagarta do funil do milho

Maize (corn)    Zambézia,Mozambique

larvas dentro do funil

Asked by: teodoro mbuela (1 point)   Posted:December 27, 2019

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how many tonns of processed rice can i mske from one acre of land in nigeria

System of Rice Intensification    Nigeria

I want to know how many tonns of processed rice that i can get from one acre of land in nigeria

Asked by: chibuoke Bartholomew (1 point)   Posted:December 24, 2019

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PlantVillage    Zambézia,Mozambique

O que e LCM

Asked by: Fatima (1 point)   Posted:December 6, 2019

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pragas na cultura de feijões

General    Tete,Mozambique

feijão nhemba

Asked by: Inês Sabite (1 point)   Posted:December 5, 2019

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bananier plantain maladie

PlantVillage    Mbalmayo,Cameroon

déssèchement des feuilles

Asked by: MENGUE KOUMEDA (1 point)   Posted:December 3, 2019

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maise sc403

Maize (corn)    Balaka,Malawi

maize holed

Asked by: patrick mwachande (1 point)   Posted:November 28, 2019

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Dracaena Plant

Symptoms    Bangkok, Thailand

I have bought him a few week ago, keeping indoor, watering once a day. Now he has got some brown spots on leaves. What should I do ?

Asked by: PINDA P. (1 point)   Posted:November 25, 2019

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How to get more details about plantation

PlantVillage    Georgia

Please provide more details

Asked by: Ella Watson (1 point)   Posted:November 23, 2019

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Black circles
Black circle below leaves

Orange    India

It seems that my 🍊 plant is not happy. Suddenly a branch died and all old and new growing leaves not very healthy and some black circles are under almost every leave.

Asked by: Nakul Grewal (1 point)   Posted:November 20, 2019

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New leaves drying out
Dying guava plant

Guava    India

Branches becoming hollow inside and new leaves are drying out. Please help me save my plant

Asked by: Nakul Grewal (1 point)   Posted:November 20, 2019

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