diesease identification

Symptoms    Bungoma,Kenya

help me identify the disease and management practices that are involved seems like is a nutrient deficiency but am not so sure

Asked by: kelvin nyongesa (1 point)   Posted:June 24, 2020

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White rot?

Symptoms    Emthanjeni Local Municipality,South Africa

Is this white rot on the garlic clove skin? The seed was slow in germinating and I then discovered this on the clove. I think my soil is too wet.

Asked by: Chris (2 points)   Posted:June 30, 2020

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brown/yellow leaves ?

Symptoms    London, United Kingdom

I amunsure of what these yellow leaves mean on my banana plant ? Is anybody able to advise?

Asked by: amali (1 point)   Posted:September 10, 2020

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Dracaena Plant

Symptoms    Bangkok, Thailand

I have bought him a few week ago, keeping indoor, watering once a day. Now he has got some brown spots on leaves. What should I do ?

Asked by: PINDA P. (1 point)   Posted:November 25, 2019

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what type of pest is this?

Symptoms    Sai Wan,Hong Kong

What is the black pest? it looks like a worm bit never see that before.

Asked by: Brenda (1 point)   Posted:July 8, 2020

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wilting of tomatoes

Symptoms    Busia,Kenya

my tomotoes are just wilting on the farm seems like nematodes what can I do

Asked by: patrick (1 point)   Posted:May 12, 2020

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to differentiate between anthragnose and angular leaf sport disease of the beans

Symptoms    Amagoro,Kenya

there was also premature leaf fall besides the scotches on the leaves

Asked by: kelvin nyongesa (1 point)   Posted:October 17, 2019

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Symptoms    Busia County,Kenya

I visted a farmer and found out that his tomatoes are wilting and he was helpless On my side I noticed that it is kind of nematode attack on the roots I would to hear views and a part from crop rotation which is long term control method which other cheap means can be used to provide an immediate...

Asked by: kelvin nyongesa (1 point)   Posted:August 15, 2019

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organic smelly black soil

Symptoms    Canada

I have some organic black soil that is now smelling rotten. Is it safe to pot plant a dwarf peach tree in it?

Asked by: ginette richer (1 point)   Posted:March 24, 2019

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can you help me with what sort of pest is this

Symptoms    Karnataka,India

what should be sprayed to terminate or reduce it activities on the plant

Asked by: Chetan Reddy (1 point)   Posted:April 17, 2020

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browning of avocado leaves

Symptoms    Singapore

Hi, i would like to know whats the cause of the browning of the leaves, its has been happening around 16 days and begin to affect nearby plant, is there prevention or others for it water once every 10 days and under a artificial light Thanks

Asked by: ADGKindred (1 point)   Posted:April 28, 2019

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Bitter gourd infection

Symptoms    Bankura,India

yellowish color starting from leaf margin. Please find out the problem

Asked by: Sourav Daripa (1 point)   Posted:May 18, 2019

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